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Broadway Chapel History

The Broadway Chapel was originally built in 1884 as the Broadway Congregational Church. Broadway Chapel is one of Australia's oldest originally intact church buildings still in operation today.

The Chapel was originally designed using a Gothic theme incorporating a wood and glass structure. The Broadway Congregational Church welcomed parishioners of all faiths who were part of the founding settlement of the Brisbane Colony.

In the 1970's the Congregational, Presbytarian and Methodist Churches merged to form the Uniting Church of Australia. This marked the end of the Broadway Congregational Church after almost 90 years of continued service, opening up a new chapter in the Chapel's history.

By the mid 1970's the Chapel was reborn as the Spanish Baptist Church and remained so until the late 1980's when the building's entrance doors were closed for the last time. The Chapel remained unused and abandoned until 2003 when an extensive renovation project was undertaken to bring the forgotten building back to life.

The Chapel was reopened in 2004 to celebrate its 120th anniversary as the Broadway Chapel. Whilst the building has undergone an extensive modernization project, its original features including a baptismal font, pipe organ and original mural are still displayed in the Chapel today.

The Broadway Chapel was finally heritage listed by the Brisbane City Council in January 2005 for its significant architectural beauty and community influence

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