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Courtney And Guy

Married at Broadway Chapel on 7th October, 2017

Guy and I first started dating in high school, 2009. We shared our school formal together, later graduating and then off to university.We grew together as we grew older - sharing the same values, humour and outlook on life.

7 years after our first date, Guy proposed. The proposal was all I had dreamt for, it was at a lookout where we shared our first kiss. He also had my beautiful engagement ring made with my 97 year old Nanna's wedding band with her blessing. Nanna and Pa had been married for 72 years at this time- a marriage I have always dreamt would one day be like my own.

We got married on October 7, 2017 at Broadway Chapel. Here, we were so well accommodated to include all of our loved ones.

We had a few requests - 1. Both my father and step father to walk me down the aisle, 2. My best friend and bridesmaid Kirsten (who is an electric wheelchair) to be able to comfortably enter and exit the chapel and be with me at the front as all our bridesmaid did, 3. My Nanna (who lives in Portland, Victoria) and our family in England to be able to be part of our wedding day.

We are forever grateful that the staff at Broadway Chapel accommodated for these requests as it made our wedding day all that we had dreamt for.

My fathers walked either side of me to give me away to Guy, Kirsten had ramps made for her to enter and exit the chapel, and our family got to view our wedding via the live steaming service offered.

It was truly perfect.

Photographer: Christina Robyn Photography

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